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Training Program for Landscape Professionals

Online Directory of Smartscape Certified Professionals

Graduates of the Smartscape program have received 20 hours of specialized training for water-efficient landscaping in the desert. Smartscape classes cover topics specific to designing, renovating, and maintaining desert-adapted plants, drip irrigation design and installation, water management and irrigation controllers, and solutions to plant problems.

"Basic Grad" denotes a graduate of the Smartscape "101" Program.

"Adv Grad" denotes graduates of Advanced Smartscape. Advanced Smartscape offers irrigation training that builds upon the Smartscape "101" series with 15 hours of in-depth instruction on the design, installation, and maintenance of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.

This listing is not exhaustive.

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Graduate Name Service Area Basic Grad Adv Grad
Jesus Alvillar Valleywide 2011
Francisco Aceves Valleywide 2010
Leo Acosta Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2015 2014
Linda Acritelli Valleywide 2010
Emilio Adames Valleywide 2011
Norman Adams Tempe 2014 2015
Richard Adkins Apache Junction Gilbert Mesa Tempe 2013
Alberto Aguilar Avondale Chandler Glendale Goodyear Peoria 2012
Ali Albazony Valleywide 2010
Eric Allen Valleywide 2011
Juan Alvarez 2011
Teodoso Alvarez Scottsdale 2015
Marco Antonio Amezcua Avondale Glendale Goodyear 2015
Adrian Anchondo Valleywide 2010
Michelle Anderson Carefree Cave Creek Scottsdale 2010
Gerardo Aranda Not for hire 2013
Larry Armer Valleywide 2014 2015
Beverlee Armistead Valleywide 2015
John Arredondo Avondale Goodyear 2010
Marc Asbury Valleywide 2010
Deborah Atchinson 2010
Melissa Avila Peoria 2011
Emilio Ayala Valleywide 2012
Jeremy Ayers Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2010
Amy Baska Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2010
Tony Bautista 2012
Loretta Becker 2010
Ian Beger Valleywide 2015
Eric Behring Valleywide 2013
Eddie R. Benitez Phoenix 2015
Joe Bianchini Valleywide 2013
Mark Bianco Valleywide 2010 2013
Bradley Biggs Valleywide 2010
John Biggs 2010
Steve Black Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2010
Idelfonso Bohorquez 2015
Matt Bolling Valleywide 2012
Christopher M. Boren Valleywide 2011
Beckie Borquez Valleywide 2010
George Bouzanquet Valleywide 2014
Scott Bowen Not for hire 2013
Dave Brady , Pinal County 2014
Bob Bramwell Chandler Gilbert Mesa Scottsdale Tempe 2015
Morgan Brechler Valleywide 2015
Christine Brehm Not for hire 2011
Ron Brennan Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2014 2014
Stacey Bridge-Denzak Valleywide 2010
Ivan Brnilovich 2013
Mike Buettner Valleywide 2011
Jeff Burt Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2012
Juan Carlos Caballero Valleywide 2010
Angel Caban Mohave County Valleywide 2012
Kristi Caggiano Glendale Peoria Phoenix 2014
Juan Camacho Valleywide 2012
Ted Campbell Valleywide 2016
Marty Campisi Valleywide 2011
Chris Caponetto Valleywide 2011
James Carr Valleywide 2016
Matthew Carras Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2013
Lisa Carter Valleywide 2011
Jose Antonio Carvajal Valleywide 2013
John Castaneda Valleywide 2011
Jorge Castelo Lopez Valleywide 2015
Pete Castiglia Chandler Phoenix Scottsdale 2016
Luis Cordova Castillo Valleywide 2010
Rick Castillo Mesa 2012
Louis Castro Valleywide 2016 2016
Daniel Cedeno Valleywide 2010
Cameron Chandler Valleywide 2011
Leann Christian Valleywide 2013 2013
Ray Cinqmars Chandler Gilbert Mesa Tempe 2011
Robert Claesgens Paradise Valley Phoenix Scottsdale 2011
Alfredo Cobon Phoenix Scottsdale 2014
Brandon Coleman Valleywide 2015
Tony Coles Chandler Gilbert Phoenix Tempe 2016
James Colleen Chandler Gilbert Mesa Scottsdale Tempe 2010
Nick Collins Phoenix 2015
Manuel Contreras Valleywide 2013
Rob Cooper Valleywide 2013
Blake Copeland Valleywide 2013 2014
J.Dolores Cordero 2011
Sean Cornell Not for hire 2013
Jesus Corral Valleywide 2014
Helen Corson Scottsdale Tempe 2013
Pedro Covarrubias Scottsdale 2014
Dustin Cozzens 2010
Chad Cranston Chandler Gilbert Mesa 2015
Stephanie Crawford Apache Junction Chandler Gilbert Mesa Peoria Phoenix Queen Creek Scottsdale Tempe 2010
Andy Cruz Valleywide 2013
Jesus Cruz Valleywide 2015
Kylee Cumby Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2015
Jason Dale 2015 2016
Jesus De La Rosa Valleywide 2011 2013
Jason Dean Valleywide 2015
Dirk DeWitt Valleywide 2015
Juan Diaz 2011
Eduardo Diaz 2011
Vicente Diaz 2015
Eric Dickes Scottsdale 2012
Scott Dobbins Avondale Goodyear 2011
Colleen Domigan Chandler Glendale Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2013
Andrew Donovan Goodyear 2011
Jeffrey Dorn Not for hire 2013
Todd Downen Valleywide 2015
Steven Drew Valleywide 2010
Sheila Druch Phoenix 2011
Javier Duncan Valleywide 2015
Doug Duport Valleywide 2015 2015
Jack Dwyer Valleywide 2012
Sarah Eckles Glendale Peoria Phoenix 2011
Martin Encinas Goodyear 2010
Sarah Encinas Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2013
Terry Everett Mesa Phoenix 2010
Nick Everett Valleywide 2012
Jeff Fairbanks Valleywide 2014
Andres Fajardo Valleywide 2013
Karen Farnsworth Valleywide 2010
Mark Feliciano Valleywide 2012
Ivan Figueroa Valleywide 2010
Jorge Figueroa Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2010
James Finnerty Valleywide 2014 2014
Wes Finto Mesa Tempe 2015
Christy Fix Chandler Gilbert Mesa Tempe 2015
Caitlin B. Flaherty 2012
John Fletcher Valleywide 2013
Richard A. Flores Goodyear 2015
Steven J. Foral Chandler Gilbert Mesa Scottsdale Tempe 2015
Jennifer Fox Glendale Peoria Phoenix Surprise 2013
Tony Frontzak Not for hire 2013
Brad Fry Avondale Buckeye Goodyear Peoria Surprise 2016
Derek Gagliano Valleywide 2015
Oscar Galaviz Valleywide 2015
Israel Gallegos Avondale Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2014
Ben Ganados Avondale Glendale Goodyear Peoria Phoenix 2010
Ignacio Garcia Valleywide 2010
Efrain Garcia Phoenix Scottsdale 2011
Acasio Garcia Valleywide 2014
Jon Gargiulo Valleywide 2015
Sergio Gastelum Chandler Gilbert Mesa Tempe 2016
Isreal Gaytan Valleywide 2012
Ben Gibbons 2010 2011
Roger Gibeault Valleywide 2015
Jill Gilbert Chandler Gilbert Goodyear Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2011
Glen A. Glover III Glendale Phoenix 2012 2015
Francisco Godinez Valleywide 2012
Carlos Giovanni Gil Gomez Valleywide 2013
Lazaro R. Gonzalez Avondale Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2015
David Goodman Carefree Cave Creek Glendale Paradise Valley Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2015 2016
Tom Goodwin 2010
Charlie Goodwin Valleywide 2013 2014
Samuel Gorton 2010
Andy Govert Valleywide 2011
Clayton Graham Valleywide 2012
Thomas Gropp Valleywide 2013
Teri Jo Gruber Valleywide 2010
Rob Gruber Phoenix Scottsdale 2015
Guillermo Guerra Valleywide 2015
Brad Gunder Phoenix Scottsdale 2010
Darrell Gurriere Chandler Gilbert Mesa Tempe 2010
Romualdo Gutierrez Valleywide 2010
Cesar Gutierrez Not for hire 2013
David Gutierrez Mesa Tempe 2015
Burdell Hall Chandler Gilbert Mesa Queen Creek Santan Valley Scottsdale Tempe 2015 2015
Jack Hallenbeck Avondale Glendale Goodyear Mesa Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2013
Nick Hanes Valleywide 2014
Tim Harper Valleywide 2013
Martha Harvey 2012
Jeff Hayzlett North Phoenix North Scottsdale Paradise Valley Phoenix Scottsdale 2013 2013
Edwin Heinecke Valleywide 2011
Stu Helffrich Valleywide 2010
Carlos Heredia Valleywide 2015
Anne Herman Jensen Paradise Valley Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2016
Miguel Hernandez Valleywide 2010
Martin Hernandez 2010
Steven Hernandez Valleywide 2010
Eddy Hernandez 2013
Jeremy Hildebrandt 2013
Michelle Holmes Scottsdale 2015
Kyle Holt Valleywide 2011
Tate Horgen Valleywide 2016
Holly Hovias Phoenix Scottsdale 2013
Luis Huizar Valleywide 2014 2016
Marianne Jacobs Fountain Hills 2013
Helianthe Janssen Steenberg Chandler Gilbert Mesa Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2013
Preston Jaramillo Mohave County 2012
William Jenkins Valleywide 2010
Mike Jensen Valleywide 2010
Thomas Jewell Chandler Gilbert Mesa Tempe 2011
Henry Johnson Valleywide 2011
Jacob Johnson Not for hire 2013
Joshua Johnson Avondale Glendale Goodyear Peoria 2015
John Jolly Valleywide 2015
Stuart Jordan 2012
Pete Jorgic Avondale Glendale Goodyear Peoria 2011
Jim Kauth Valleywide 2013
Kim Keith 2015
Melissa Kemp Scottsdale Valleywide 2013
Bobbie Kennamer Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2011
Riley Kennedy Chandler Gilbert Glendale Mesa Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2013 2016
Zachary Kiebke Valleywide 2011
Paul Kneisl Valleywide 2010
Mike Koch Valleywide 2016
David Koeb Not for hire 2013
William Kopcheck Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2016
Robert Korhely Chandler Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2014 2014
Ray Laborin Valleywide 2010
Danny Lapaglia 2014
Alex Larriva Valleywide 2012
Mark Lawson Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2014
Tom Lazear Scottsdale Tempe 2014
Andrew Leblanc Valleywide 2013 2013
Michiel Ledet Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2012
Douglas Leeper Valleywide 2012
Ana Levesque Avondale Buckeye Glendale Goodyear Peoria Phoenix 2012
Tyler Lewis Mesa 2012
Scott Lewis Chandler Gilbert Mesa Queen Creek Santan Valley 2015
Tristin Litherland Goodyear 2012
Andy Lombardo Carefree Cave Creek Peoria Scottsdale 2016
Brian Lonergan Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2011
Carlos Lopez 2010
Richard Lopez Valleywide 2011
Pedro Lopez Valleywide 2011
Michael Lopez Phoenix 2011
Jose Lopez Valleywide 2014
Steven Lowe Valleywide 2016
James Madrid Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2015
Essam Mahmoud Phoenix Scottsdale 2015
Bernadette Mann Glendale Phoenix Scottsdale 2013
Robert Mansfield , East Valley 2014
German Marquez 2010
Nathan Marr Avondale Carefree Cave Creek Glendale Goodyear Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2010
Mike Martinez Avondale Glendale Goodyear Phoenix 2010
Manuel Gonzalez Martinez Glendale 2011
Rafael Martinez 2012
Robert Martinez Valleywide 2012
Steve Mascorro Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Tempe, Awatukee 2015
Jimmy Mastalsz Valleywide 2013
Bryan Maxwell Gilbert Mesa Scottsdale 2015
Matt Mays Scottsdale 2013
Lorenzo Mazariegos Chandler Gilbert Mesa Scottsdale Tempe 2015
Erich McCarter Valleywide 2011 2016
Mike McDowell Valleywide 2011
Patrick Mejia Not for hire 2013
Jesus Mendoza Peoria 2013
Jorge Meneses Valleywide 2012
Stefani Mercado (Bohdanowicz) Not for hire 2013 2014
Jorge Merino Scottsdale 2011
Justin Meritt 2013
Frank Milam 2015
Rod Milburn, II Valleywide 2010
Brian Miller Valleywide 2017
Carlos Alberto Miranda Gonzalez Phoenix Scottsdale 2016
Luis Molina Valleywide 2015 2015
Clinton Molodow Valleywide 2010
Janet Moralez Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2011
Jesse Moreng Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2013
Carlos Moreno Valleywide 2012
Ivan Moreno Avondale Chandler Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2013 2013
Wesley Mutschler 2010
Michael Myers 2015
Patricia Natt Valleywide 2010
Melissa Naugle Scottsdale 2011
Eric S. Nichols Valleywide 2015
Vincent Nielsen Valleywide 2015
Bernardo Noriega Valleywide 2015
Dave Novak Valleywide 2012
Candace Oehlerking Chandler Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2015
Sergio Olvera-Fregoso Valleywide 2016 2015
Hansel Ortiz Glendale Peoria Phoenix 2011
Lorenzo Ortiz Chandler 2014
Joseph Owen Valleywide 2010
Mark Pacheco Chandler Gilbert Mesa Queen Creek Santan Valley 2013
Lorenzo R. Palafox Valleywide 2015
Catrina Palmer Valleywide 2010
Eric Pashkow Valleywide 2015
Tim Patrick Valleywide 2011
Bobby Pehm Valleywide 2016
Zachary Pekala Valleywide 2014
Lucia Penaherrera Merlo Chandler Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2014
Felipe Perez Chandler Gilbert Mesa Tempe 2015
Joshua Perry Not for hire 2013
Pablo Pescador Phoenix 2015
Joyce Peters Carefree Cave Creek Chandler Fountain Hills Gilbert Mesa Paradise Valley Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2011
Ryan Pike Valleywide 2011
Juan Pineda Valleywide 2015
Cresencio Pitones Valleywide 2015
Rigoberto Polanco Valleywide 2016
Doreen Pollack Glendale Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2010
Angela Polynin Phoenix Scottsdale 2013
George Polynin Phoenix Scottsdale 2015
Victor Pope Valleywide 2011
Bill Potts Glendale Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2015
David Pratt Valleywide 2013
Sarah Pratte Valleywide 2011
Casey Price Valleywide 2010
Stephen Price Valleywide 2011
Jeff Prince Valleywide 2011
Steve Pritchard Valleywide 2010
James Quesada Valleywide 2010
Rene Quintero Hernendez Valleywide 2015
Juan Ramos Valleywide 2010
Bryan Reed Valleywide 2014 2015
Mike Rensmeyer Valleywide 2010
Daniel Revilla , West Valley 2014
Joe Richie Chandler Gilbert Mesa Tempe 2014
Jonathon Riep Valleywide 2010
Allyn Rigby Valleywide 2016
Cody Risdon Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2016
Victor Garcia Rivas Phoenix Scottsdale 2011
Eddie Rivas Valleywide 2015
Luis Rivera Avondale Buckeye Goodyear 2011
Toby Roanhorse Valleywide 2016
Richard Robinson Valleywide 2013 2014
Ramiro Rocha Valleywide 2013
Adan Rodriguez Valleywide 2013
Enrique Rodriguez Valleywide 2015
Jerry Ronnebeck Avondale Goodyear 2014
Gerardo Rosas Valleywide 2012
Art Rose Valleywide 2015 2016
Mitch Rosenbaum Avondale Glendale Goodyear Peoria Surprise 2010
Alex Rowe Valleywide 2011
Monica Rubio Valleywide 2011
Daniel Rumore Valleywide 2015
Jason Ruybal Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe, Ahwatukee 2015 2015
Shaun Rydell Valleywide 2015
Henry Samaniego Avondale Glendale Goodyear Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2013
Fred Sanchez 2015
Hector Santana Valleywide 2012
Manuel Santiago Valleywide 2010
Josue Santiago Valleywide 2015
Jose "Tony" Santillan Valleywide 2016
Joe Sauceda Scottsdale 2013 2013
james schaub Chandler Gilbert Mesa Scottsdale Tempe 2013
Dave Schock Valleywide 2013
Scott Schrader Valleywide 2011
Jim Schwab Avondale Glendale Goodyear Peoria Phoenix Scottsdale 2011
John Scoble 2008
Chris Scott Phoenix Scottsdale 2015
Miguel Sesmas Valleywide 2012
Marion Shaw Paradise Valley Phoenix Scottsdale 2014 2014
Jan Sherwood Not for hire 2013
Greg Shira Not for hire 2013
Alex Silva Valleywide 2013
Jesus Silva Valleywide 2014
Scott Simeon Valleywide 2010
Dustin Simmons Valleywide 2013
Robert Simmons Valleywide 2015
Sukhmeet Singh Valleywide 2016
Joseph Sirek 2012
David Canez Sisneros Avondale Chandler Glendale Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2011
Levi Slaughter Avondale Glendale Goodyear Peoria Phoenix 2013
Travis Smith Valleywide 2010
Christopher Smith Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2015
Rose G. Smith 2016
Andrew W. Snyder Valleywide 2015 2015
Ed Squires Valleywide 2010
Anesia St. Clair Avondale Buckeye Goodyear Surprise 2011
Matthew Staley Valleywide 2010
Samuel Staley 2010
Glenn Stanton Valleywide 2011
Scott Steadman Scottsdale 2013
Rob Stephens Valleywide 2011
Mary Jane Stiller Surprise 2011
Margaret Stinson Phoenix 2011
Jordan Stoklas Valleywide 2014
Tim Sullivan 2013
Mike Svetz Goodyear 2011
Leif Swanson Glendale Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2012
Dave Tally Mesa Scottsdale Tempe 2014
Angela Tauscher Chandler Gilbert Mesa Queen Creek Santan Valley 2012
Frank Thomas Valleywide 2010
Brian Thompson Valleywide 2015
Jaime Toledano Valleywide 2013
Aaron Traver Valleywide 2011
Gerardo Trejo Chandler 2014
DaQuan Tribble Valleywide 2015
Eddie Tweedie Valleywide 2012
Mackenzie Tyler-See Valleywide 2016
Elimelec Ureta Valleywide 2015
David Valdez Valleywide 2010
Moses Valdez Valleywide 2012
Heriberto Valencia Valleywide 2013
Juan Valenzuela Avondale Glendale Peoria 2012
Jose Varelas Valleywide 2013 2015
Jose Noe Varelas Chandler 2013
Jacob Varghese Avondale Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2010
Edrei Vazquez Phoenix 2014 2013
Jason Vazquez Acosta Chandler Mesa Tempe 2016
Dwayne View 2008
Pedro Vital Phoenix 2011 2013
Spencer Voehl 2016
Derek Wagner Chandler Gilbert 2014
Bryan Wallace Paradise Valley Valleywide 2011
Jason Wells Not for hire 2013
Tasha Wenderlich Chandler Gilbert Mesa Phoenix Scottsdale Tempe 2016
Jesse Westad Valleywide 2013
Jack Wigal Avondale Goodyear 2011
Roy Wilkins 2010
Al Williams Chandler Mesa Tempe 2015
Todd D. Williams Chandler Gilbert Mesa 2015
Brent Wilson Valleywide 2010
J.R. Wilson Chandler Gilbert Mesa Scottsdale Tempe 2011
Andrew Wise Avondale Glendale Goodyear Peoria Phoenix 2011
Ryan Wood Valleywide 2015
Chris Worrell Valleywide 2011
David Wright Mesa 2012

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