Smartscape Landscape Training Arizona
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Training Program for Landscape Professionals

The knowledge and skills Smartscape students learn can benefit residents in multiple ways. As efficiency is one of the overarching principles of Smartscape, residents who hire Smartscape professionals may notice savings in costs associated with maintenance and time spent on projects as well as reductions in water bills. Working with a Smartscape professional can also engage residents with their outdoor spaces.

Besides efficiency, Smartscape professionals are trained in designing beautiful landscapes that meet the needs and desires of residents for their outdoor areas and work in harmony with the climate, soil, and plants of the region. Plants native to the Sonoran Desert have vibrant colors, interesting shapes, various sizes, and minimal water requirements that Smartscape professionals utilize to enliven outdoor spaces. Where traditional lawns have been cost- and labor-intensive and gravel-cacti combinations have been uninspiring, Smartscape professionals can design unique desert landscapes for residents that showcase the natural beauty of the desert. Succulents offer elegant sculptural qualities to landscapes, and various types of cacti have colorful blooms. Local flowers have a palette of bright yellows, deep oranges, fresh whites, and vibrant pinks and reds.

Residents interested in conserving resources can rest assured Smartscape helps landscape professionals develop skills that set them apart from other professionals. Planning site-specific irrigation systems, zoning plants according to water use, and designing hardscapes with permeable-paver rainwater storage systems are some of the practices Smartscape teaches to help its graduates design, install, and maintain conscious and comfortable outdoor environments.

Smartscape can help residents make an informed decision when they hire a landscape professional. The Smartscape Professional Directory can help residents find a professional who is knowledgeable, resourceful, and committed to taking care of the landscape in a way that is compatible with the desert's ecology. Smartscape professionals' dedication to conservation can be seen in more efficient use of water, but in saved money and time for residents as well.

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