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Training Program for Landscape Professionals

Smartscape gives landscape professionals a distinction.

Of the approximately 17,000 landscape professionals in the Valley more than 1,800 are Smartscape graduates. Many of the program graduates are available for hire, as listed on the Smartscape Professional Online Directory.

What Does This Mean for Residents?

Smartscape's comprehensive approach to saving water represents potential in multiple ways.

Landscape professionals can help residents spend less on water by using less water, all while enjoying the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert in their own backyard.

Considering about 70 percent of a Phoenix household's water consumption can be used to maintain landscapes and pools, utilizing rainwater can not only save water resources, it can lower water costs for residents.

In addition to planning, installing, and maintaining efficient irrigation systems that work with native and low-water-use plants, Smartscape professionals are exposed to interesting and innovative solutions for at-home water management and conservation. These methods of water conservation, such as rainwater harvesting and hardscape design store water on site and offset the use of potable water outdoors, which can result in savings on water bills.

Smartscape professionals have a strong working knowledge of the connection between water use and water cost. Cost is a very real factor for residents and landscape professionals alike to consider. Higher upfront cost for services from a Smartscape professional can be worth the investment for residents in the long term, as it may help avoid post-project costs that are associated with system malfunctions and plant damage. Residents may discover water-efficient landscapes can cost less to maintain and keep vibrant.

Smartscape professionals are more likely to use the principles they learn to keep residents informed and more involved with their irrigation controller as well.

Hiring a Smartscape professional can help residents have an attractive, desert-compatible landscape built for long-term enjoyment.

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