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Training Program for Landscape Professionals

Smartscape can help landscape professionals move ahead of the competition and stay up to date on the latest trends, research, and practices in the industry. With its informative classes and networking and marketing opportunities, Smartscape is an affordable way for landscape professionals to strengthen their practice and innovate their business.

Sponsored by the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, Tucson Water, Arizona Department of Water Resources, and the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Smartscape is a green jobs training program providing 20 hours of instruction on efficient irrigation and care for water-efficient landscapes in the Sonoran Desert.

Instructors from the University of Arizona, municipal water departments, and the landscape industry present the latest research-based information on sustainable landscaping practices throughout the length of the eight Smartscape sessions.

  • Plant Selection and Installation covers basic plant characteristics and needs, maintenance requirements, and functional uses of different types of plants in landscape design as well as criteria on selecting and putting in plants for a new landscape.
  • Solutions to Plant Problems offers students practical advice for responding to plant health issues.
  • Soils, Plants, and Water examines the relationship between these three elements that form the landscape.
  • Landscape Design and Renovation teaches students how to conceive, plan, and execute landscape designs that respond to the needs of the site and the client, all while incorporating sustainable landscaping techniques.
  • Drip Irrigation Design and Installation shows students the industry's latest tools and covers best practices for water-saving drip irrigation systems.
  • Landscape Water Management and Irrigation Controllers illustrates how to determine plants' water needs. How to calculate actual landscape water use, in addition to troubleshooting for watering too much or too little, is also covered.
  • Maintaining Desert-Adapted Plants gives students tips on fertilizing, pruning, and covers the effects of shearing on shrubs.

Smartscape is an intensive course that is designed to help landscape professionals conserve water through efficient practices. By doing so, Smartscape can also help landscape professionals market themselves and connect with other industry professionals for further opportunities.

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